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Prom Night Horse Drawn Carriages | Sussex & Hampshire

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Our Prom Carriages


Our beautifully maintained prom decorated carriages compliment the perfect evening out at your special event. Your friends will be amazed at your arrival in one of our beautifully maintained and decorated carriage coaches. White or black they look equally impressive.

Sharing one of our carriages with your friends shares the cost so that you can all enjoy the thrill of arriving at the ball just like Cinderella.

Included in our collection of prom carriages is a beautiful modern Victoria carriage in navy and black with blue velvet hood and cream coachlines, pulled by the white lippizaners as well as the friesians. The carriage has disc brakes all round making it super safe and is decorated with delicate silk flowers in cream and white to compliment any other colours on your day. Your own colours can always be added. Now also available is our beautiful white glass fronted landau, which can be used with the roof up keeping you dry or with the roof down.

Professional liveried driver and groom, all fully insured with public liability insurance.

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Haywards Carriages
Our horses are for all occasions including weddings, proms and funerals.
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